Chess pawn with a king crown 👑
Chess pawn with a king crown 👑
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What is an automation test & why you need it?

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Why we need Load Balancers?

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Working with git on a day to day job

alias ga="git add ."
alias gc="git commit"
alias gl="git log"
alias gla="git log --oneline --all --graph"

Why does git need a user-interface?

Learn to use Docker-Compose like a pro with this actionable cheat sheet

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docker-compose up
docker-compose logs -ft

The problem with “docker-compose up” without…

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My Experience

A firewall interface to manage system ports

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So, what is iptables?

Writing a proper Dockerfile is not too difficult

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1. The most lightweight base image possible

FROM python:3.8.2-alpine

2. Place your most static commands at the top

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My dream

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