Chess pawn with a king crown 👑
Chess pawn with a king crown 👑
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What is an automation test & why you need it?

Whenever you are writing a python application, whether it is a web app, a library, a machine-learning algorithm, etc. you’re gonna end up testing your code and I’m not talking about manual tests buddy; we’re doing it automation test style yo!

Automation tests make future changes more manageable, in terms of what has broken so far. It also makes clear documentation of your code right out of the box. If you’re not satisfied with why the automation test is good for you, check this link and the links I am providing you at the end of this article.

Now that…

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Why we need Load Balancers?

As the world evolves, we’re bound to progress and be able to respond to the vast majority of requests coming along our way. With today’s fast pace world & ever-growing size of the population, every website and every service on this planet is receiving more and more attention and requests (that is of course if the service is worth it).

We also tend to become less patient when it comes to satisfying a need. Take standing up in the line for a McDonald Burger for example; or even waiting for a Starbucks coffee. Both of these would most probably be…

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Tell me that you have, at least once in your life, experienced a point where everything seemed pointless & unnecessary. The point where nothing mattered and nothing seemed like worth it.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. Every human being worth his/her life has had this phase at some point. Of course, it’s not the phase one would be very proud of, not will he/she be willing to remember after a while. But to some extent, this phase is of importance and one should realize that.

Some of the thoughts that may occur in this time frame…

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Working with git on a day to day job

When working with git, it’s not uncommon to see something like the following in the user’s .bashrc file.

alias ga="git add ."
alias gc="git commit"
alias gl="git log"
alias gla="git log --oneline --all --graph"

And so on.

And to consider another use case, it might have happened to you that you needed to stage some specific lines of a file or even a single line for that matter. I have dozens of similar experiences when I’m trying to include all the relevant changes in a single commit with a good commit message.

Why does git need a user-interface?

This may not be much of a trouble…

Learn to use Docker-Compose like a pro with this actionable cheat sheet

Credit to Dots and Brackets

Writing a docker-compose can be pretty easy. Just an image attribute and if your service needs no volume or network, you can just start it using the easiest solution:

docker-compose up

The other solution would be to run using docker stack, but that’s not what this article is about.

I don’t recommend using the above command without a -d, which detaches after starting the services, and let’s you follow the logs afterwards using:

docker-compose logs -ft

The -f will follow the logs and the -t would write a timestamp before each log as well.

The problem with “docker-compose up” without…

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Most of the work of a Backend Developer shines when he exposes an endpoint, to let his/her fellow colleagues use that service.

My Experience

As a Backend Developer I have worked on a couple of projects, which gives me the right to write about the subject of how I would like to expose my work to the outside world (or to my fellow colleagues on a smaller scale).

I have previously worked with the following frameworks while trying to provide a service on a web interface:

All of the has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and none, I…

A firewall interface to manage system ports

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iptables can sometimes be a frightening thing. As it was to me once. I just though that the simple solution was to use firewalld or ufw. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The thing is, firewalling is best done using it’s main instrument: iptables.

So, what is iptables?

In linux operating system, the firewalling is taken care of using netfilter. Which is a kernel module that decides what packets are allowed to come in or to go outside.

iptables are just the interface to netfilter. The two might often be thought of as the same thing. …

Writing a proper Dockerfile is not too difficult

Image via

There are some tips and tricks to write a proper Dockerfile. And for the most part, writing a “proper” Dockerfile is simple, though not easy.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to the topic.

1. The most lightweight base image possible

Right from the very beginning, you’d wanna start building from the most lightweight base image possible. Something usually related to the alpine docker image.

For example for running a python web application inside a docker container, I’d start my Dockerfile with something like the following:

FROM python:3.8.2-alpine

This makes your final image much smaller and desirable.

2. Place your most static commands at the top

Any command that is susceptible to the least changes…

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The concept of love, to the most part, is still a mystery to me.

I believe that when loving someone, which of course deserves it, and staying in love with them shouldn’t be that hard after all.

Wouldn’t you say that the couples who are getting a divorce, was once madly in love? Weren’t they inseparable? Wasn’t it like that they couldn’t keep their hands of each other?

Then why the hell did they stop? What happened after a point of time that the relationship as well as the feeling became cold, if not froze?

I wouldn’t know. Or else…

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My dream

I’ve always wanted to live abroad. I don’t know why but the idea seemed really cool and awesome to think of living somewhere outside my home country. Never thought or dreamed about anything else.

I had this dream for a very long time. In fact, when I think about it, I can’t remember a single day of my life not thinking or fantasizing about it. Most of my childhood, all of my teenage years, and up until now.

This story is not one of those where I tell you that I’ve changed my mind because of some turn of event…

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